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Q. I need a ration card. Can I be issued one ?

A. Any person permanently residing or intending so to do in the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCTD) who desires to have a Household Consumer Card (HCC), commonly referred to as Permanent Ration Card (PRC), can be issued one if he, or some other person on his behalf, is not already in possession of such a card, or if name of any member of his family is not included in another HCC.

Q. Can a person who is residing with me and whose particulars are recorded in the PRC issued to me be issued a separate HCC on the same dwelling unit?

A. Household means a family unit living together in one building or portion of the building held in possession of any member of the family as resident and maintaining a common kitchen and includes person so living together, whether or not dependent on the holder of the HCC. Accordingly, a person living with you can get a separate consumer card only if he establishes that he has a separate kitchen.

Q. I am visiting Delhi but don't intend to stay here for long. Can I get a ration card?

A. A household Consumer Card is available for lawful use only for the person or persons who reside, or intend to reside, permanently in the NCT of Delhi. A person can be deemed to be permanently residing in the NCT of Delhi for purpose of issue of supplies from public distribution system if he is ordinarily living in NCT of Delhi and is not absent there from for a period exceeding one month at a time. A person or class of persons who do not reside, or intend to reside, permanently in the National Capital Territory of Delhi can, however, be issued "special permits" for obtaining supply of any of the specified articles for such period, for such quantity and from such source as may be specified there in.

Q. I am staying in a residential college (hostel)/working women hostel with mess facility. Do I need to obtain Household Consumer Card?

A. Inmates of these institutions are not required to obtain individual Household Consumer Cards. Establishment Permits are issued to institutions such as Hostels/Hospitals/Welfare Homes etc.

Q. I belong to armed forces and get ration from canteen. Can I be issued a household consumer card?

A. No.

Q. Can a consumer card be issued to my servant who is residing with us?

A. You may apply for inclusion of your servant’s name in your consumer card, preferably after getting his police verification.

Q. I am a new resident in jhuggi cluster. Can I be issued a household consumer card ?

A. Yes.

Q. Do I have to make different household consumer cards for different commodities ?

A. For all specified articles sold through public distribution system (PDS),  only one consumer card is required.

Q. What to do in case I do not know any gazetted officer or other competent authority for having my photograph attested for getting a ration card?

A. No attestation is required.

Q. What to do if my landlord is not giving me any rent receipt or NOC indicating my residence?

A. Witness of two neighbours or any other proof of continuous residence may be submitted.

Q. What to do in case I do not have any evidence of surrender of my previous consumer card ?

A. In such cases, an affidavit attested by the area SDM/Oath Commissioner/Notary Public may be submitted.

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