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A. The number of FPS/KOD is mentioned on your household consumer card. While obtaining your consumer card , you should ask for address of the FPS/KOD where your card is linked from the Circle Office.

Q. What to do if I want to draw my supplies from a FPS/KOD located nearer to my dwelling unit?

A. You may apply to Circle Office on form no.  to get your card registered with the nearer FPS/KOD.

A. Household consumer card is available for lawful use for the persons included therein who are actually residing at the given address at the time of drawing supplies. In case of absence from the household for a period exceeding one month of any person included in the household consumer card, the holder of the HCC shall give prompt intimation to the FSO of the Circle in which he is residing and shall present his household consumer card for deletion of name of such person in case he is likely to be away for quite some time.

Q. Am I entitled to sugar in case some of the co-resident included in my household consumer card are filing returns and are assessed to income tax, though, none is paying income tax ?

A. Sugar is issued on household consumer card where none of the persons included in the household consumer card is an income tax assessee. In this case, sugar can not be issued on your HCC even if none of the persons included therein is an actual income tax payee, as some of them are assessed to income tax.

A. Prices of all articles sold through FPS and KOD as fixed by the government are displayed at the notice board of the shop.

Q. Can I draw supplies to which I am entitled but which have not been drawn during the relevant period, in a subsequent period?

A. No.

Q. How can I help in smooth running of the public distribution system?

You should not alter any entry in the HCC.
You should not transfer your HCC for use by any other person.
You should not draw any specified articles from fair price shop in respect of a person included in your HCC who is not living in the UT of Delhi at the time such supplies are obtained.
Present your HCC to the area FSO for deletion of name of a person included in your HCC who is away from the UT of Delhi for more than a month.
If you and your family is leaving Delhi permanently deposit your HCC in the Circle Office.
In case you shift your place of residence, you should report such change to your Circle who will make the necessary endorsement on your card, if you are shifting within a Circle; or give you a surrender certificate to get a new HCC made at the new place of residence, if you are shifting out of the jurisdiction of the Circle.

Any subsequent change in the status of any parameter on which the card was issued e.g. addition, deletion of family members, change in entitlement of specified articles resulting from change in age of family members, assessment of any member to income tax, getting a LPG connection in the name of any person included in the HCC, etc. should be reported immediately to the Circle Office.

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